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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Orcs Orcs Orcs

Orcs Orcs OrcsThe Examiner's, Kynan Griffin, asks hard hitting questions about why a movie about Orcs needs to be made. Read the whole article here. Kynan Griffin writes for the Examiner's Salt Lake City indie Movie section.
The new Orcs Movie will show a delicious contrast of terribly ugly Orcs spilling out of the pure and beautiful mountains of Utah. In Kynan's article, when questioned about the high concept premise, Executive Producer Ben Carson said: “Millions of people play the horde every day in WoW or World of Warcraft – they love their orcs, yet there are no films serving this market… until now.”

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  1. I find this project interesting, but... why you use LOTR orcs instead of greenskins? if you are triying to do an slasher/comedy adventure with ORCS, classic green skins would be the most obvious choice.